Plant and Sea Nutrition for Joints Pain, Knee Pain & Sports Injury - Joints & Knees Kit

Who Is It For?

Whether you’re experiencing pain or inflammation from arthritis, injury, or just a sedentary lifestyle — sustained use of Joints & Knees Kit will help relieve your pain, rebuild cartilage in your joints, and bring back the healthy mobility that you deserve.

The Joints & Knees Kit includes special ingredients designed to provide immediate pain relief and long-term repair for damaged cartilage in all major joints of the body.

What’s In It?

Four of Nature’s Best Anti-Inflammatory Nutrients For Joints & Knees Health


Green Lipped Mussels Extract

It’s a freeze-dried powder of Green-lipped mussels (Perna canaliculus) extract from New Zealand. A natural source of Therapeutic and health-giving nutrients. It’s rich in:

  • Marine chondroitins, bio-active collagen, glycoproteins
  • Full spectrum of minerals and all essential amino acids
  • Natural vitamins – A, B-complex, B-12, E
  • Marine PUFAs, Omega 3 essential fatty acids, aLA, ETA, EPA and DHA
  • Possesses potent properties of addressing pain and inflammation

Boswellia Serrata Extract

Boswellia has four major pentacyclic triterpenic acids. They are:

  • Beta boswellinic acid
  • Acetyl beta-boswellinic acid
  • Acetyl-11-keti-beta-boswellinic acid (AKBA)
  • 11-keto-beto-boswellonic acid

Clinic animal studies prove that AKBA is the most potent inhibitor of 5-lipoxygenase.

Bromelain Extract

It is a proteolytic enzyme, which is extracted from the stem of pineapple.

  • It reduces the fibrinogen level and helps reduce inflammation.
  • It reduces the level of inflammatory bradykinin and prostaglandins
  • It addresses pain and swelling effectively

Fish Oil with Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Fish oil is a dietary source of omega-3 essential fatty acids. They are extracted from sardines, salmon, and cod. These fish contain the highest amount of EPA and DHA, which have potent anti-inflammatory and pain-reducing properties.

Omega-3 plays a potent role in addressing pain and inflammation.

What You Get

Combined Into Two Special Products

You get both


JointsNees contains all-natural ingredients to promote healthy mobility in your joints and knees. It contains New Zealand Green Lipped Mussels (Perna canaliculus) extract, Boswellia serrata plant extract and Bromelain enzyme extract from pineapples.

  • Promotes Joint Health
  • Builds Joints & Knees Mobility


Designed to relieve inflammation and promote bone and joint health, FlexiOmega contains high quality fish oil with long-chain Omega-3 fatty acids comprising of EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), which are also known to improve brain function, mental health, and reduce risk of heart disease.

  • Relieves Inflammation & Pain
  • Promotes Bone & Joint Health
  • Provides Other Health Benefits

Not sure? Start with 3 Week supply of Joints & Knees JumpStart Kit for only


and experience joys of mobility in your joints and knees!

Joints & Knees JumpStart Kit For Pain Relief In Less Than 14 Days

  • Take 2 capsules from JointsNees bottle and 2 capsules from FlexiOmega bottle (total 4 capsules) everyday as dietary supplement.
  • Start Rebuilding Healthy, Pain-Free Joints Today
  • All-Natural & Scientifically Validated Ingredients
  • Unique Formulation With Four Pain Relieving Active Principles

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Joints & Knees Kit (6 Week Supply, Subscription)

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My knee pain is completely gone

Mrs. Thomas California


Wow, great product! I have a sleep apnea problem that makes it necessary for me to sleep on my side. I have to have my head in exactly the right position or it tweaks my neck and I often wake in the middle of the night with excruciating headaches. It’s a constant battle to try and keep the inflammation in my neck down. I have a neck stretching device, I do neck exercises and yoga, and I’ve taken glucosamine for years, but Joints & Knees Kit changes everything! And fast too! It is truly the most amazing product I have ever taken. It WORKS! I have not had neck pain now for over a week. And it is not just the neck, I can actually tell the difference when I go up and down the stairs.

Claudia Lopez

Los Angeles, CA

I’m a Ph.D., who is quite serious about implementing longevity and super-health protocols and supplementation. I also have a number of sports injuries including neck and knees. Cutting edge science has identified Inflammation as the elephant in the room that is causing not only debilitating joint conditions, but actually is principle cause of aging itself. Treating symptoms, and not the underlying cause: INFLAMMATION – is the failure of allotropic medicine. What attracted me to Joints and Knees is it is the only supplement (that I have seen) that treats the underlying cause by nourishing the synovial membrane around the joints that become inflamed. The impressive part is that the decrease in inflammation in my injured areas was almost instantaneous (in days). Try it!

Dr. John L.

Las Vegas, NV
joints pain relief

I am a doctor of Ayurveda and run an Ayurvedic hospital in Kanyakumari, Southern India. My hospital treats more than thirty thousand patients every year. I prescribe Joints & Knees Kit for my arthritis patients who are responding very well to it. In my estimate, more than seventy percent of my arthritis patients experience pain relief in the very first month of taking this sea and plant nutrition supplement. This brings me tremendous joy about helping my patients!

Dr. L. Mahadevan

joints pain relief

My sister, who is 35, is suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis. All her limbs and joints are deformed. People who suffer from this disease suffer so intensely that it is heart breaking. She has been using Joints & Knees Kit for at least a year now. I can actually see a hint of smile on her face now, as this product has brought a remarkable change in the level of pain and flexibility of joints. This is an amazing accomplishment. Initially, I was afraid that its immediate effect could be due to steroids. But my doubts were cleared after a discussion with Perfect Svasthya staff. The formulation of this product is natural and exquisite. I thank Perfect Svasthya from the bottom of my heart for making my sister smile again!

Susan Wong

Trenton, New Jersey
joints pain relief

I am a 46-year-old housewife. I have been suffering from Arthritis for a long and tried many medicines including pain killers. But I did not get any relief and my condition only worsened. Fortunately, I met the Perfect Svasthya people and they suggested I use Joints & Knees Kit. As a last resort, I started using it and wow! After just 15 days of continuous use, the pain in my knees was gone and the irritation in my stomach as well. I continued taking it and the stiffness of joint in the morning is also gone. Thanks a lot for making my life pain free!

Tiara Smith

Columbia, South Carolina
joints pain relief

I owe Perfect Svasthya for introducing such a wonderful product! It really works! As a competitive athlete I played tennis, football, basketball and ran marathons. As a result I sustained many injuries, especially in my joints. Whenever I put pressure on my knees and ankles, I suffered. Then a friend suggested I try Joints & Knees Kit. I religiously used it for three months and the results were simply great! I can’t believe it, but I am really pain free now. My suffering feels like a bad dream now. Thanks a lot for opening up my life and allowing me to enjoy the sports I love once again.

Walter Smith

Albany, New York
joints pain relief

Doctor’s advised me to get my knee operated as it was making crackling sounds every time I put some stress on it. My sister-in-law told me about Joints & Knees Kit but I was honestly very skeptical whether my condition would ever improve. But I still bought one kit and started using it as the last resort. After a month my condition dramatically improved. Now I can hear no sound from the joints. Thanks to Joints & Knees Kit that I have new hope!

Christine Boone

Los Angeles, California
joints pain relief

I am a career law enforcement officer, one of the men in blue. Despite leading a decent disciplined life, I was engulfed by arthritis and it nearly destroyed my career. I love what I do and was not ready to retire. Not only the pain, but also the worry of not being able to do my job disturbed me so much that I couldn’t sleep properly. I never felt such helplessness in my entire life, but I refused to become a slave to pain killers as I knew the side effects. I met the people at Perfect Svasthya and was impressed with their dedication to natural health. They answered all my questions. So I bought Joints & Knees Kit and started using it. Just after 10 days, I felt great relief. I am now a firm believer that Joints & Knees Kit is a true nutrition support for arthritis.

Kevin Preston

Sacramento, California

Average Rating   4.9 
  10 Reviews

 by Robert W.
No more pain going up and down the stairs!

It was everyday struggle to go up and down the stairs before trying this product. I noticed that my knees did not crack just after one week and did not hurt after a month of use. Now I can easily go up and down the stairs in the house. Will definitely recommend to my other friends.

 by Mary T.
I really enjoy my workouts now!!

I workout and run everyday. I feel that my joints are not stiff anymore and have become more relaxed. Joints & Knees Kit nutrition product has helped me enjoy my workouts and not drag myself to the finish line.

 by Grant M.
Can practice more complex Yoga asanas for longer times!

I am an avid Yoga practitioner and used to feel pain and stiffness in my knees. After trying this product for a month now, I feel that my entire body is more flexible. I am now able to practice more complex Yoga asanas for longer times.

 by Karen S.
Can walk with my husband now!

I used to avoid evening walks with my husband in our neighborhood due to the pain in my knees and ankles. A friend recommended Joints & Knees Kit that I have been using for three months by now. The pain in my knees has completely gone and my husband and I enjoy our time together walking, grocery and mall shopping, and a stroll on the beach.

 by Jose

My job require me to use my hands and stay up on my feet all day long. I have been suffering from pain in my knees and fingers for a very long time. I started using this product and felt that my fingers and knee pain reduced in about 2 weeks. I look forward to using it for a long time!

 by Mike S.
Noticed an increase in my flexibility, mobility and joint health

When I first learned of the Perfect Svasthya jumpstart kit for mobility I decided to do some research on the company and the benefits of the products. I was fascinated to learn that the two products included with the joints and knees kit help with joint health, flexibility and mobility as well as a lot of other key components essential to healthy living. The first bottle in the kit is the JointsNees. This bottle is designed to increase joint health as well as flexibility. The ingredients use in this product are all major contributors to joint health and flexibility. I have studied many of them in great detail and they include Boswellia serrata and Bromelain extracts. It also contains magnesium sulfate I’ve taken these three ingredients previously and they work very well in improving flexibility and joint health. The second bottle in the kit is the Flexi omega jumpstart. The bottle promotes joint, bone brain and heart health. It contains a combination of fish oil and omega-3 fatty acids. I know all of these to be key factors in brain and heart health as well. I’ve been using these products for a short time now and can say that I have noticed improvement in my mobility as well as my flexibility. The capsules are a good size and not chalky to taste making them easy to swallow. I am happy with the results of this product so far. I have noticed an increase in flexibility and mobility and I’m sure with continued use of this product I will continue to see great results.

 by Lisa O.
Good relief from these supplements

My husband has been diagnosed with RA. He got relief from prescription medication but had to stop taking it, because of long term side effects. He gets minimal relief from OTC medication. We figured, that trying this regime, might be beneficial. He started taking it during a cold snap that kept him in the house for a while. He obtained good relief from these supplements.

 by Stephanie L.
Provides relief

Provides relief! The one noticeable improvement was my knees do not pop as much as they did before. I would recommend giving it a try.

 by Dave W.
Works Great

I have been using this for about a month, and it appears to me to work great. If you have joint pain, I would highly recommend trying it to help move better. It has been very beneficial for me, I am thankful to have it. Definitely recommend.

 by Jeff S.
Joints & Knees Jumpstart Kit

I purchased this kit because I have aching joints and knees. I have been taking them for sixteen days now and they seem to help to an extent. Yes I would recommend them to a friend, they seem to help some.

Order 3 Week supply of Joints & Knees JumpStart Kit for only


and experience joys of mobility in your joints and knees!


Joints & Knees JumpStart Kit For Pain Relief In Less Than 14 Days

  • Take 2 capsules from JointsNees bottle and 2 capsules from FlexiOmega bottle (total 4 capsules) everyday as dietary supplement.
  • Start Rebuilding Healthy, Pain-Free Joints Today
  • All-Natural & Scientifically Validated Ingredients
  • Unique Formulation With Four Pain Relieving Active Principles

Choose One Of The Three Price Options Below:

Option 2
One Time Purchase

Option 3 - Best Value
Monthly Subscription & Save

Joints & Knees Kit (6 Week Supply, Subscription)

$29.99 First Time & FREE Shipping
$59.99 From Next Time & FREE Shipping