About Us - Joints & Knees Kit

About Us

Our Company

At Perfect Svasthya, we have combined experience of over 40 years in formulating, manufacturing and marketing nutritional supplements. We have our operations in Hong Kong, India and U.S.A.

We make supplements with plant extracts and, more particularly, with those plants that Ayurveda has studied for over five thousand years.

We specialize in functional supplements. In the founding years of our operation, we understood that the starting point of all diseases is chronic inflammation. Therefore, our principal focus has been to formulate effective anti-inflammatory supplements. For over 40 years, we have made many formulations for arthritis, which are fundamentally anti-inflammatory.

Our Product

Joints & Knees Kit is the fruition of several years of experience in formulating inflammation and pain relief products. Joints play a pivotal role in one’s wellness. Our bodies are structured to move, whether it is for blood circulation or movement of the lymph. The former is essential for nourishing the entire body, and the latter is to scavenge the body of metabolic waste, pathogens, abnormal molecules, etc.

Harmful and imbalanced diet and lack of physical activity creates chronic synovium inflammation, the membrane that secretes synovial fluid. As a result, the secretion of lubricating and nourishing fluid gets affected and consequently, the cartilages and other components of joints get damaged. This condition is known as arthritis, an inflammatory disease of the joints.

Joints & Knees Kit is made from natural ingredients to ensure no adverse side effects. Joints & Knees Kit is a potent formulation to fight chronic inflammation, and as such, it provides benefits to all parts of the body where inflammation and pain may exist.

Our customers who have used Joints & Knees Kit say that they began to experience pain reduction in less than 14 days without any adverse effects.

Our Process

Below is our process from concept to delivery for Joints & Knees Kit and other products.

We research PubMed database <https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/>maintained by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) for recent research studies conducted on joints health and osteoarthritis. We study various herbs and nutrients and their impact on inflammation of the joints and pain relief. Next, we research Clinical Trials database <https://clinicaltrials.gov/> maintained by the U.S. National Library of Medicine to search for clinical studies conducted on human subjects using Ayurvedic herbs and essential nutrition. Here our goal is to find clinical evidence of sea and plant nutrition for joints pain relief, inflammation and osteoarthritis


Based on our preclinical and clinical research findings, we study the synergistic effects of sea and plant nutrition to use in a potent formulation to support joints health. The aim here is to harness the synergistic benefits of Ayurvedic herbs and sea nutrition with an enhanced potency to bring pain relief and reduce inflammation of the joints.


Joints & Knees Kit is manufactured under utmost care and strict hygienic conditions in a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and International Standards Organization (ISO) compliant manufacturing facility that is also FDA registered.

Quality Compliance

Our FDA registered manufacturing facility follows Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) standards comparable to pharmaceutical industry. Since we are an International Standards Organization (ISO) registered facility, Joints & Knees Kit meets the highest standards for quality and safety.


Nutrition and herbal supplements manufactured in our FDA registered facility are distributed to partners worldwide via air, sea and road. Joints & Knees Kit is shipped to the U.S. based customers from our fulfilment warehouse in Las Vegas, Nevada.